Posted: January 2, 2020

BFSFCU partners with Travelex to provide international wire transfer and foreign currency services. 

Travelex is currently experiencing a technical issue affecting Travelex computer systems. As a result, international wire services are temporarily unavailable and foreign currency cash services are limited for BFSFCU members.

Travelex has confirmed that a software virus within certain Travelex systems caused Travelex to take preventive measures in order to protect data and prevent spread of the virus, including shutting down many of their computer systems.  

Travelex has deployed teams of IT and cyber security experts who continue working diligently to investigate the event and safely restore services.

Travelex investigations to date have determined there is no indication that any personal or customer data has been compromised.

BFSFCU systems have not been affected by this event, and BFSFCU is closely monitoring the investigation and response performed by Travelex.

Wire and foreign currency services which remain available to BFSFCU members include:

  • Domestic wire transactions
  • Travelex foreign exchange ATMs
    • Located at the IMF HQ1, IMF HQ2 Branch, and IFC Branch
  • Travelex foreign currency over-the-counter cash transactions up to $1,000
    • Located at all BFSFCU Branch locations

Wire and foreign currency services that are temporarily unavailable include:

  • International wire transactions
  • Travelex foreign currency over-the-counter cash transactions greater than $1,000